Up until recently, New Zealand’s geographical isolation, along with the historical funding of film and television producers through the funding bodies, has meant that the majority of New Zealand producers have had little to no experience with international film and television financing. Government agencies provided market travel assistance essential for networking opportunities to create international contacts, but film and television financing remains complex and difficult to understand let alone navigate.

As a brand, Hinterland heralds a new way to navigate film and television finance, providing New Zealand and Australian creative producers access to specialist financial knowledge and guidance. The goal – financially enabled producers creating more local content with cultural integrity, making it to the screen both here and around the globe.

As a verb, Hinterland represents the alchemy that happens behind the scenes – it’s testament to our cherished producer clients, and recognition of the amount of producing that is never ‘seen’ but is ALWAYS in motion. In the background, it’s turning 25 years of industry experience into bespoke and flexible solutions suited to the individual production.

As a promise, Hinterland is about getting to the beyond, somewhere farther than you were before – a place where producers can prosper and do more now that they have arrived in the hinterland.

Personally, I acknowledge the whenua of Te Tairāwhiti that I whakapapa back to and its contribution to my place in the world and my career. I take strength and inspiration from its wild hinterland, grateful every day that I get to do what I love.

TE UREWERA — A place of inspiration

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